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Visit of the Ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Bucharest

Bucharest, September 21st, 2016 - The Director General of SELEC, Mr. Toni Jakimovski, received today at the SELEC Headquarters a courtesy visit of the Ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Bucharest,  H.E. Mr. Osman Koray Ertas, accompanied by Mr. Murat Caliskan, Turkish Liaison Officer in SELEC.

The parties reiterated the commitment to further develop the cooperation, more particularly to enhance the information exchange in the framework of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force, which was established in 2003 and is coordinated by Republic of Turkey.

The Director General of SELEC visited Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s law enforcement authorities

During 22 - 23 September 2016, the Director General of SELEC, Mr. Toni Jakimovski, visited the headquarters of Police and Customs law enforcement authorities of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
In that line, Mr. Jakimovski had a meeting with the Director of Bureau for Public Security, Mr. Mitko Chavkov, during which it was discussed the possibilities and ideas for future cooperation. During the meeting, both Directors concluded that the fight against transnational organized crime, with particular reference to illegal trafficking of drugs, weapons, human beings, cybercrime, terrorism etc., can be efficient only if all countries cooperate and exchange information, because these kind of crimes do not know borders and/or administrative procedures.

Additionally, Mr. Jakimovski explained the ongoing projects and activities of SELEC, being concluded that in the future Macedonian Police will be more involved in all actions that SELEC is undertaking in fighting against transnational organized crime.

Having in mind that SELEC includes the customs administrations of its Member States, Mr. Jakimovski met with the Director of the Customs Administration, Ms. Natasha Radevska Krstevka. The meeting aimed deepening the cooperation for suppressing cross-border crime with emphasis on smuggling of drugs, financial and computer crime, smuggling and customs fraud. Representatives of both institutions stressed the commitment for future cooperation through increased exchange of information and initiation of joint actions to combat crime in Southeast Europe.

Visit of prosecutors within European Judicial Training Network programme

Bucharest, September 21st, 2016 - In the framework of the experience exchange programme organized by European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), a group of prosecutors from Germany, Latvia, Republic of Moldova, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden visited SELEC, being welcomed by Mr. Toni Jakimovski, Director General of SELEC, who briefed the participants about SELEC’s mission, structure, activities and results and mentioned about the role of prosecutors in conducting criminal investigations and the contribution of the SEEPAG Members to the Member States’ investigations supported by SELEC.

Visit of the Prosecutor General of Romania

Bucharest, September 15th, 2016 - The Director General of SELEC, Mr. Toni Jakimovski, received today the visit of Mr. Augustin Lazar, General Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania.

Mr. Jakimovski presented the Center, its mission and way of functioning, the current activities developed in the framework of its eight Task Forces as well as mentioned about SEEPAG and the involvement of the SEEPAG prosecutors in the investigations conducted by the SELEC Member States, with SELEC support.

Within the visit, the Prosecutor General also met the Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, who presented more in details the structure, functioning and achievements of SEEPAG and the contribution of Romania to this prosecutorial network.

Visit of the OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings

Bucharest, September 13th, 2016 - The Director General of SELEC, Mr. Toni Jakimovski and the Director for Operations, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, welcomed today at the SELEC Headquarters, Ambassador Madina Jarbussynova, OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, who was accompanied by Ms.Tarana Baghirova, Acting Country Visit Officer and Mr. Claudio Formisano, Executive and Programme Officer.

SELEC’s mission, mechanism of functioning and its Task Forces, mainly the Task Force Mirage on Countering Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration were presented by Mr. Jakimovski, while Mr. Ungureanu provided information about the operational activities and results of SELEC within this area and the support provided to the Member States in preventing and combating the trafficking in human beings phenomenon.

The OSCE Special Representative informed about the latest developments in OSCE regarding this topic and mentioned that SELEC will continue to be invited to participate in OSCE initiatives and meetings, for the benefit of both organizations and their member states.

The Director General of SELEC encouraged the cooperation between SELEC and OSCE and the establishment of a partnership between the two organizations.

Courtesy visit of the Ambassador of Republic of Albania in Bucharest

Bucharest, September 12th, 2016 - The Director General of SELEC, Mr. Toni Jakimovski, welcomed today at the SELEC Headquarters the Ambassador of Republic of Albania in Bucharest, H.E. Ilir Tepelena, who was accompanied by Ms. Eva Nastas, 1st Secretary to the Albanian Embassy in Bucharest and Mr. Ervin Dervina, Albanian Police Liaison Officer posted at SELEC

The discussion was focused on the Albanian involvement in the operational activities of SELEC, as well as the support in the fight against trans-border organized crime, within SELEC’s framework.